It’s a funny word, but what do we mean by this? Issues… it’s a common term used in the therapeutic world, referring to feelings we are experiencing or problems we are going through. Using the term “issues” is thought to be a softer way to approach the difficult subjects that we list below.

Take a look at the list and click on one that stands out or relates to how you may feel right now. If you aren’t entirely sure what is wrong, flick through the various pages listed below to see if you can gain a deeper understanding about what exactly it is you’re dealing with.

If you don’t see the issue you’re currently facing, still get in touch as we may well cover the particular problem you’re experiencing. We are here to help, after all.


Behavior patterns

Bereavement, Grief and Loss


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)

PTSD, Abuse, Trauma

Relationship and couple support


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