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Similar to an employee assistant program, we offer businesses a colleague support plan for Mental Health. When colleagues are working with stress, anxiety, depression or home life issues that are affecting their ability to be at work, it can be a huge cost to companies paying sick leave.

Lots of large businesses have taken out Employee Assistant Programs covering a range of services, should a staff member need this. However, this in itself can be costly for companies on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, with some services never being used at all.

We are able to provide your staff with counselling should they need this at any point, without the need for subscriptions, meaning you only pay for what is actually requested and used.

For example, your company could offer 6 paid for sessions and should they require more, they can look to cover the cost themselves from there on.

This way you are essentially on a “pay as you go” agreement. Simply contact us with the colleagues details you are referring to us and we will take it from there, invoicing you either per session or monthly… it really is as easy as that!

We charge no extra to businesses – it is the same cost as individual clients. We take clients through the same process of assessment and do our best to match up the most suitable counsellor to the client.

We can create a plan that suits your companies needs regarding the amount of sessions paid for by you, or can work this on an individual basis per person. We can be flexible to suit your business.

Employee Assistant Programs have been proven to be successful in supporting staff to either get back to work in a better frame of mind, or keeping them at work whilst supporting them through their issues.

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