Spiritual Counselling

Our lovely Hayley is a valued member of our team, offering unique spiritual and holistic services. Hayley is a qualified counsellor and works at our Northampton office, however she is also qualified as a Spiritual Counsellor with over 15 years’ experience within the spiritual church, spiritual circles and more. 

We were delighted for Hayley to join our team and have encouraged her in following who she is and combining her two passions in life.

What is spiritual counselling?

It is a one to one session with Hayley using traditional counselling skills with a holistic approach. It can help clients to work on a deeper level, combining energy and soul.  This practice enables clients to be open and in touch with their spiritual self exploring their beliefs and difficult life challenges.

What spiritual counselling is not

Spiritual counselling IS NOT giving someone a reading and passing on messages.  This is a form of spiritual guidance and healing through meditation exercises, where you may experience a spiritual awakening or connection.

Holistic services…

Hayley offers a variety of different things involving spirituality:

Spiritual circles:

£12 per person. This is a 2 hour group experience broken down into two parts: the first part includes a guided spiritual meditation, followed by an invitation to share what you may have experienced and felt. It is your choice to participate in any discussions had.

The second part – spiritual development. This is helping people to awaken their spiritual self and abilities using methods such as Psychometry and this is a practice involving tuning into objects and beginning the practice of giving readings to others. 

We teach people to become aware of other people’s auras, in both feeling their energies or visually. It is important to understand that you do not need any previous experience as these groups are a mix of all abilities, levels and curiosities. We welcome you to join in and do as much or as little as you choose. We want everyone to feel happy, safe and to enjoy their time in the group. Please enquire when our next one will be. ON HOLD DURING COVID.

For more information on what Hayley offers head on over to her world…


Contact Hayley directly on 07891 665900.

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