Covid Guidelines

Following guidance from our insurance company and Government guidelines, we are now confident that we are doing all we can to keep our clients safe during the pandemic and want to keep you all in the loop with the most up to date information.

When visiting our premises – What to expect & what to do

Please follow all of the guidelines set out by the NHS and government regarding hygiene, symptoms and safety measures. Please contact your counsellor immediately if you or someone in your household is displaying covid symptoms, you can always have your session online where possible.

Please wait until your time slot to arrive and wait in your car if you are early.

Your counsellor, upon booking in with us, will instruct you further on entering the building.

Upon entering and leaving the building we ask you to kindly to be wearing a mask

We want to avoid face coverings during sessions as this feels disruptive, however we want to be sure we can work safely moving forward. We have looked into the current advice given and our room allows the distancing recommended, however, what we have put in place, just to be sure, is a completely clear screen in between us, as this allows us to see and hear each other as normal, whilst ensuring the safety of both our clients and us. Once you are seated and comfortable behind the screen you can remove your mask.

An antibacterial spray is used in between each client and where possible a window kept open for circulation either during or in between sessions. This will be ongoing for the foreseeable.

We ask that you bring your own bottle/drink should you wish. No food can be eaten on the premises.

All payments will continue being sent as a link via phones, however please do not panic we can still use our card machine or take the odd cash payment.

Tissues and sanitiser will be provided, as usual, however please feel free to bring your own.

What measures are we taking throughout the day?

We have tried our best to minimise our clients having to do anything, aside from turning up. Beyond needing to bring your own bottle and washing your hands, we will do the rest!

You will see a full risk assessment up on the wall along with a daily duties check list for each counsellor to complete and sign. This is a measure we take very seriously.

A minimum of 15 minutes are required in between each client to enable us to clean and air the room, wash our hands and get fresh air ourselves. Please support your counsellor in sticking to these times.

Weather permitting, we will be keeping windows open during sessions to circulate fresh air. We are cleaning surfaces in between clients and will also do a deep clean at the end of each day.

We are using an antibacterial room and surface spray on the seating in between each client and again at the end of our day throughout the room. We are conscious however that some clients may have asthma or other health conditions that could be aggravated by aerosols, therefore we are allowing the room to air after it is sprayed before the next client arrives.

Due to our new time guidelines, it means we do not have as much availability in the office at the moment.  We will be offering online services indefinitely now, so please know that you will always have a choice. If you are worried or concerned still may we suggest sticking with the online services for now.

We hope we have covered everything, however please do not hesitate to ask further questions about anything you are concerned about, as we want you to feel as comfortable and safe as ever in our room. We feel certain that for any coming to visit us at our premises that this will be the case.

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